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If you haven’t heard it. listen to it first.

When I first heard this, it literally sent chills down my spine. I’ve always been a fan of his but he went it in with on this verse. People keep saying that it was a diss record but because he named dropped doesn’t mean he was trying to show disrespect. 

Even in the song he says he has love for all of them. Don’t twist shit around. He just stated what everybody goal is in the industry. To be the best. Hell, Khaled said enough to have every head bouncing in the club.

I took it as if he stated your name, he has nothing but respect for you. But ultimately he wants to be better than his predecessors. Just like if I were a were working at local business, I want to become C.E.O of it one day. So I got be better than all of people who was there before and after me.

I don’t think this was ever intended this as a diss record. If anything Kendrick revived a dying breed. 

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